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- Chatur inSights! allows employees to self-manage most of the 360-degree review process, freeing you and your staff to focus on your core role.
Chatur inSights doesn't require IT to build or host a system, and is priced primarily based on usage, so you can easily gauge return.
  - All this can be achieved by assessing and reflecting on one's personal abilities and competencies. At Chatur Knowledge Networking we are engaged in a variety of activities for "Knowing Oneself." - More on Chatur Knowledge Networking
Feedback measures competencies
Assessments provide feedback on how others perceive an employee
Feedback addresses skills such as listening, planning, and goal-setting
Evaluation focuses on subjective areas such as teamwork, character, and leadership effectiveness.
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  Chatur inSights! is an effort in this direction. It is the result of a collaboration of CCS and CKN to produce a practical IT implementation of Intellectual Property and Knowledge.
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